Paola Ducoli

Aurora Earrings by Paola Ducoli 03AURS-03AURB


Jewel of design.

This collection bases its founding principles on wearability, in the search for new materials, technologies and new languages. They are creations linked to contemporaneity and its contaminations.

The porous Black of the nylon is illuminated by the reflections of the glass, all hand-cut and coloRed in 24k gold.

The final result are jewels in which the conscious freedom of mastering mosaic art blends with jewelry design, integrating it into the taste of contemporary trends and making it the soul of precious and perfectly modern jewels where light plays to make intense shades shine. making each jewel even more unique.

The tiles are in 24K gold coloRed glass and are handcrafted cut one by one. The Black structure is in hypoallergenic nylon while the closure is in 925 Silver.
All jewels are signed on the back.

Available in different colors (Red, turquoise, Green, bronze, gold) and sizes (circle diameter 4.8 cm or 6.2 cm)

Very light earrings
OPTION 1: Ø 4,8 cm - 5 g approximately
OPTION 2: Ø 6,2 cm - 7 g approximately