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Makale: How to Style Ankle Boots?

How to Style Ankle Boots?

How to Style Ankle Boots?

Ankle boots are never disappointing items to have in your closet, if you are looking for a pair of shoes to wear with whichever outfit you pick. You can create ankle boots style variably: combining them with jeans, mini or maxi dresses… Even with leggings on a cozy Sunday.

As they are easy to style with many looks, ankle boots are also suitable to be worn during fall, winter and early spring. You can explore how to style ankle boots more, in the details.

How to Wear Ankle Boots

Styling ankle boots can be an easy yet challenging task to achieve. It is easy, as they are compatible with different styles, and it’s challenging if you don’t know some tips on how to wear them. Here are a few ways to wear ankle boots, alongside some tips to style them.

Jeans for a Simple and Chic Ankle Boot Styling

Jeans are an exceptional piece of clothing that suits different looks. However, the type of jeans you’ll wear with ankle boots is important.

It’s a common mistake to pair cropped jeans with your outfit, especially if you are going for ankle boot styling. Instead, you may want to prefer longer-legged, straight-cut jeans that will complete your look. This way, you elongate the look of your legs and add sophistication to your outfit. Styling straight-cut jeans with ankle boots works for both women and men. As an alternative, tapered jeans are an option while pulling off the ankle boots fashion.  

For this style, you can wear any type of ankle boots of your choice. However, Dr. Martens can be the perfect choice amongst all. You can always throw a blaze over the jeans, having a shirt under that is tucked in.

Mini or Maxi? Dresses are just Perfect for Ankle Boots

Who doesn’t want to wear a dress before the temperature gets too cold, or when it’s just warming up? Ankle boots with short or long dresses create a picture-perfect look for fall and early spring days.

Wearing a long dress with high-heeled ankle boots can keep you light on the skin but still provide a fall-appropriate look. For this particular style, you can choose a color spectrum that is closer to brown and beige tones. To create a similar style, you can always alternate the dress with a long skirt on colder days.

Ankle boots can still be your go-to even on brighter, sunny days. You can style your boots with bright-colored short dresses, a denim jacket, and a scarf around the neck. Thus, you’re not only going to be stylish but also will have your layers to keep you warm in case it gets colder towards the evening.

Ankle Boots with Comfy Leggings on a Lazy Sunday

Imagine it’s Sunday and you have a get-together with friends over coffee, in a cafe, or in nature. All you need is an outfit that will comfort you throughout the day. You have your UGGs, which are great to wear in fall as they keep your feet warm, but what to pair them with?

One way to achieve a top-notch ankle boot style is to be aware of the proportionality of the complementary clothes of your look. In the scenario above, leggings, preferably those with good insulation, add balance to UGGs, creating a puffy look around the feet. You can complete your look by adding an oversized sweater on top. Also, wearing denim or a trench coat can be an alternative option if you think you’ll need layers on the day.

Now, you know the tips on how to style ankle boots. To check out more ankle boots options, visit the page for the collection!


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