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Makale: 6 Best Luxury Crossbody Bags Brands For Men

6 Best Luxury Crossbody Bags Brands For Men

6 Best Luxury Crossbody Bags Brands For Men


Crossbody bags can free your hands, and can elevate your style if you wear the right brand. Men’s luxury crossbody bags offer countless possibilities to create diverse fashion styles. You can always carry one on your way to work or to a social outdoor activity.

Purses or bags are usually not the first kind of accessories to come to mind in relation to men’s fashion. Most of the time, a brand new car or a watch are perceived as some of the options contributing to a man’s luxurious look. The best men’s designer crossbody bags challenge this common understanding of men’s fashion with their desirable and luxurious designs.

To find the perfect crossbody bag that complements your personal style, check out the details of these top six luxury crossbody bag brands for men listed below. Each offers a unique blend of craftsmanship, design, and prestige.

Best Luxury Crossbody Men Bags

Carrying a crossbody bag can be useful and practical, but why not add your own sense of fashion to it? From Calvin Klein to Gucci, well-known, fashionable brands design luxury crossbody bags for men. These crossbody bags can be carried on the streets fashionably while giving you a sophisticated look. However, keep in mind to match each bag with complementary outfits to achieve a chic style.

Calvin Klein

Favored by many for its perfumes and clothing lines, Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion brands for men. A Calvin Klein crossbody bag is a great choice to enhance your luxurious look at client’s meetings, or during business trips. It can be matched with a pair of jeans or a suit. Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on your shoulders, it will not let you break a sweat on professional occasions.

Tommy Hilfiger

A Tommy Hilfiger crossbody bag is just the ticket for you, if you are interested in achieving chicness through slimmer designs. As a trend setter American brand, Tommy Hilfiger's got an ear to the street, always crafting gear that's just what its customers are looking for. Suitable to carry on a tablet or an e-reader, you will not only attain a luxurious look but also an intellectual one.


Speaking of an intellectual look, Lumberjack crossbody bags offer an eloquent and luxurious aesthetic. Having a leathery look to its material, they can be complementary to your style of winter fashion. Lumberjack crossbody bags can be worn with sporty outfits, and denim or leather jackets. Perfect to rock with your winter coat, a Lumberjack is among men’s luxury crossbody bags brands.


It is easier to think of businessmen when talking about luxury; however, a luxurious look can be achieved through a sporty style as well. Bikkembergs hits the mark for folks digging the mix of sporty vibes and luxury in men's crossbody bags, adding a touch of upscale comfort to that athletic aesthetic.

Carrera Jeans

Wearing an Italian fashion brand with a long history does not only add a luxury look to your style, but also creates curiosity about your taste in fashion. So do not be surprised if people compliment your taste, and ask your advice for their style! A Carrera Jeans crossbody bag supports your social relations, while supporting you on the side over your shoulder.


You can't talk about luxury men's crossbody bags without giving a nod to Gucci.Sporting that iconic logo and fame so big folks are dropping it in song lyrics, Gucci is a well-known luxury brand that designs crossbody bags for men. You can always complement your outfit with other designs from Gucci’s collection to achieve a complete Gucci style!

You can check out Broccati’s collection to explore more of men’s luxury crossbody bags!

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