Different, out of place, or perhaps special, inimitable, too far from the norm to be understood … how many times have we felt atypical? Atpcal breaks the mold and redefines the concept of “abnormal” by making uniqueness the strength of every designed backpack.

Founded in 2019 by business partners Cristian Righetti and Carla Negro, ATPCAL is a startup that research and transforms new fabrics and linings, sourced from the excess of the Italian textile manufacturing. Each material is carefully selected, checked and then paired to create unique combinations that generate an uncommon ecosystem.
The collections do not necessarily follow the seasons but are developed throughout the year inspired by materials and accessories available.
Atpcal is sustainability, nonstop research and charisma because no new fabrics are produced, so precious resources are not exploited, and the extreme variety of fabrics design timeless silhouettes with modern functionality. Consciousness, passion and experimenting are the fundamentals of the brand.
Made in Italy in the North region of Emilia Romagna in limited quantities for unconventional collections.

DORIA 1905

The brand Doria was founded by Sabino D’Oria in 1905, product of the precious work in a sartorial laboratory situated in the middle of the city of Maglie, in the heart of Salento.
Doria 1905 - it’s a line of hats resulting from tradition, craftsmanship and quality: an Italian brand deeply rooted in fashion design tradition of ‘fatto a mano’ (handmade production).

A timeless classically inspired product, enacting a new way to be modern.
Flat caps, trilbies, cloches, berets, caps, fedoras: these are the expressions of a natural, polished style, an accessible, modern elegance.
The greatest care and attention are devoted to material selection, to detail finishing, respecting ‘made in Italy’ history and tradition, keeping those manufacturing, passed down from generation to generation, unchanged, yet innovating them with advanced techniques.
The Hat, by its nature extroverted and with a strong attitude to attire the attention and to add character to every person’s outfit, is surely an accessory on which people can count.


heritage, handicraft, quality, timeless style. These values represent the foundation on which the Bergamasco brand was established and built: heritage that spans over 60 years of history and experience, craftsmanship conveyed through the skill and passion of our employees, Made in Italy quality that has been raised to the level of excellence and bags with innovative designs and timeless allure.

The craftsman
a very human resource
There is something utterly captivating about watching experienced and skilled hands cut and sew, creating an exceptional end product from nothing: a piece that speaks for itself and tells the story of craftsmanship that goes way back, that has been passed down over time, according to tradition.
A tribute to Real Beauty
Beauty that you can feel, that you can touch. Every Bergamasco piece represents a unique sensory experience for the woman that owns and wears it: first-class leathers that are soft to the touch, artisan finishes and fine details.


The Tannery that gave birth to “Constància”, was founded in 1952, in Italy, the company philosophy is to combine traditional tanning techniques with the latest fashion trends.
Crafts attentive to the smallest details of the creations, to development, to design and workmanship, to guarantee the best to the final recipient; and to generate something unique and original; using only quality leathers.

Their creations are small creatures first imagined, then drawn freehand, then they create and build models in the salpa and then slowly realize them with care with the best leathers / accessories in its smallest details.
Elegance is not getting noticed but being remembered


The art of Mosaic – so ancient, almost ancestral, yet malleable enough to be integrated into the taste of contemporary trends: Paola Ducoli's talent is here enclosed, in the conscious freedom of mastering the mosaic art and fuse it with jewelry design, and to turn this same art into the soul of her unique jewels.
The jewel is a dream that needs to be lived; Paola Ducoli interprets that same dream through her collections.

Great passion is the fundamental element, ancient artisan skills are the privileged tools, innovative vision is the essential value: this is the blend that guides Paola Ducoli's dedication to work each step of the creation by hand, up until the creation of precious sartorial accessories.
Aurora Collection by Paoloa Ducoli
The name Aurora derives from the Latin term “aurōra”, which means 'to shine, to shed light'.In Roman mythology Aurora was the goddess who flew every day through the sky to announce the arrival of the morning:Aurora comes slowly, tiptoed, silent. She is golden light, at times pink or purple, but also copper, appearing just before Sunrise.The porous black of nylon is illuminated by the reflections of the glasses, all cut by hand and coloured with 24k gold.
The final result are jewels in which the conscious freedom of mastering the mosaic art fuses with jewelry design, integrating this art into the taste of contemporary trends and by making it the soul of precious and perfectly modern jewels, where light plays a fundamental role to make intense shades shine, making each jewel even more unique.


The “CARLOTTAMBRA” brand was born in 2013, initially with the name, AMBRA BAGS, from Carlotta’s passion for accessories and in particular for leather goods, following the desire to create an artisanal production, and a truly 100% made in Italy product.
The obsessive attention to detail and high quality are the basis of the entire production process; Carlotta personally designs each bag which is then made by highly qualified artisans in the laboratory located in Rome, the city where Carlotta was born and live, creating day after day a product of excellence.

Much attention is paid to the choice of partners who supply the raw material, so from tanneries, to textile companies, to small parts, Carlotta prefers those who fully share the philosophy of the brand, that is to make the most of the handmade, made in Italy and to best combine craftsmanship, elegance, design, sometimes even with the help of new technology, guaranteeing high quality and beauty of the finished product.
Each bag made is a unique piece or has a very limited production, therefore different from the previous one, even only in the small details, this allows Carlotta Ambra to always guarantee a high-level product.